While Mortal Kombat X has plenty of new and exciting ways to eviscerate opponents, like Sub-Zero shoving them into a bed of ice spikes or Quan Chi splitting an opponent in half with the power of portals, the nostalgic side of us wants to see the blue ninja simply rip a yellow ninja's head off, with the spine still attached. Some Reddit super-sleuths have found hints that our wishes may be coming true after all.

A clever Redditor by the name of "natedoggcata" was taking a peek at the Depots page for MKX on the Steam Database and found listings for the game's upcoming DLC. There's listings for the four Kombat Pack characters, the alternate costumes already available like Blue Steel Sub-Zero and Kollective Kold War Scorpion, and other things we already know about. Also listed among the DLC are two "Klassic Fatalities" packs, seemingly pointing to a few classic death moves coming our way in the coming weeks.

While we're not shocked at the idea of iconic Mortal Kombat Fatalities coming to the newest game (MK9 had them as well, after all), we're hoping for a little bit of misdirection from NetherRealm here. For example, instead of Johnny Cage reclaiming his old uppercut decapitation why not give it to his daughter Cassie? We expect to see Scorpion pull off his face and burn his opponent to death, as he's the only one that can do it, but where there's some leeway on who can receive a certain fatality, why not go the unexpected route? We hope something gets changed with each one to add some flair.

We'll see what NetherRealm Studios decides to do with these Klassic Fatalities should the DLC packs become a reality.

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