Mortal Kombat has a ton of characters in its rich universe, around 64 playable ones to be precise, and they all have a certain bizarre sense about them that we’ve come to expect from the exceptional team over at NetherRealm Studios. We’ve been watching all these men, women, and horrible monsters duke it out since 1992 and there has been plenty of opportunity for them to do so amongst the numerous Mortal Kombat titles that have been produced across several generations of gaming platforms. That said, who are the best of the bizarre? Who are the crème de la crème of all this carnage? Who do we go looking for first upon arrival at the character select screen?

Among the cirque du soleil that is the entire Mortal Kombat roster, it may be dizzying to try to set apart a mere ten of the widely varied cast that are a step above the rest of the pool. It might be an icon of the series, a gimmick of legendary proportions, or just the evolution of a character that has really expanded them like a bloody butterfly out of their cocoon. One way or the other, these characters set themselves apart for the foray of fierce fighters and make themselves known to us as some of the best NetherRealm Studios has to offer. These are our 10 Best Mortal Kombat Characters.

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