Guest characters in fighting games has been an ongoing trend in the genre from almost the beginning of video games. The first guest character in a fighting game can be attributed all the way to Fighter's History by Data East, whose final boss Karnov first appeared in an arcade game of the same name. Since them we've had a ton of characters infiltrating other known series, and with Predator and Jason Voorhees soon coming to Mortal Kombat X, I couldn't think of a better time to go back in time and pick the best examples of fighting game guest characters, as well as some of the worst crossover decisions ever made.

Sure, the default characters are the ones that make or a break a game for fans, but sometimes a crossover just makes a lot of sense. Then again, there are just as many times where inviting some fresh meat to the party just didn't work out to anyone's benefit. These are the Best and Worst Fighting Game Guest Stars.

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