Despite having over a million downloads since its launch last year, Sony will be closing down its free-to-play, online RPG for PS Vita, Destiny of Spirits.

Destiny of Spirits is a free-to-play social game where you need to collect and summon all as many legendary spirits as you can get your hands on in order to battle them against other enemies. It's basically Pokemon of Spirits. Destructoid reports that in one fell swoop, Sony has announced that not only has the game sold over one million copies since it came out last March, but also that it will be closing down the game indefinitely in just a few months.

The Destiny of Spirits Development and Operation Team wrote all about what you can expect leading up to the game's end of service, but one thing they failed to mention is why it will be closing (likely the cost of its development, running its servers and paying its support team were greater than the actual profits the game was getting via freemium content).

Although Sony will continue to sell Destiny of Spirits' in-game currency for real money, don't be fooled. Come June, the game will vanish and so will all the money you've spent on it.

While this isn't the only Sony game to recently lose its online support (and in this case close), it still is no less disappointing. Make sure to get all the (free) playtime in that you can between now and June 30 when Destiny of Spirits closes its doors forever.