In an attempt to prolong the 'Sons of Anarchy' franchise for all of the fans who will dearly miss the series after its final episode, the show is branching out into the video game world.

Orpheus Interactive, a new Canadian game studio, announced that it has a partnership with Fox Digital Entertainment on the development of the interactive game, Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect. Kurt Sutter let the news slip months ago in a tweet and now this announcement confirms it. "Fans...will have a chance to explore an original story, location and previously unknown chapter of the motorcycle club," the press release stated. "In keeping with the world Sutter has created, this extension of the mythology gives fans a chance to experience the treachery, graphic action, intrigue and life and death decision making they have come to anticipate from the show." The game will be episodic, just like the show.

In a separate tweet, Sutter said, "I cannot give you any more details, but I will tell you that there will definitely be an SOA game... and it's pretty f**king awesome." This will be the first game from Orpheus, but the developer has a roster of talent that has previous experience on AAA titles. While that's no indication of final quality, it's certainly a hint of promise for what lies ahead.

You can catch the first episode of Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect in early 2015 for your mobile phone or tablet.