Rebellion and 505 Games announced on Tuesday official plans to bring Sniper Elite V2 to the Wii U this spring.

Though there were rumors about Sniper Elite V2 arriving on the Wii U this year, this confirmation bodes well for console owners with a penchant for World War II shooters. Based on the few screenshots made available, it doesn't look like sniping in the game will be done with the GamePad. However, Rebellion has included some GamePad functionality to set the Wii U version apart from previously released versions.

The screen on the controller will give players the ability to tag enemies and booby-traps, track enemy locations and activity, and monitor the blast radius of planted explosives, all without ever having to abandon the action on the television screen. “Sniper Elite is just the kind of mature game that is perfect for the different mechanics of the Wii U," said Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley. "It’s been a challenge to get it right, but thanks to our team and the fantastic support of our partners at 505 Games we believe we’ve brought the unique gameplay to a whole new platform.”

Check out the screenshots below, and let us know if you're looking forward to playing Sniper Elite V2 on the Wii U.