Now that Sniper Elite 3 has launched and is being enjoyed by marksmanship enthusiasts the world over, Rebellion Games has announced some more content coming down the chute. Or shoot. Whatever.

The video above is about 4:30 minutes long and features a few members of Rebellion talking about the future of Sniper Elite 3 and what players can expect to see in the coming months. Marketing & PR Coordinator Robbie Cooke introduces us to Lead Designer Michael How, who then explains to us that a new, free multiplayer map called Airfield will be launching soon. This map is modeled after the airfield in the single-player campaign, except the differences are that it's been bombed and all new snipe points have opened up.

There is also a tropical map with lush foliage and an altitude map with long spires in the works for multiplayer, so fans can expect to shake things up a bit this summer.

In terms of single-player play, Head of Creative Tim Jones introduces us to a three-part campaign called "Save Churchill." The three parts form a mini-campaign in which you play as Karl Fairburne, a sniper who must stop an assassination attempt on Winston Churchill's life. You can grab the first part on Steam now for $7, with the console versions being released soon.

Watch the video above and get ready to play even more of Sniper Elite 3.