A release trailer for Sniper Elite III dropped today on YouTube, showing gamers the power of silence, foresight and a single, well-placed bullet in Rebellion's new shooter.

Living up to the game’s four tenets, ‘Observe, Plan, Execute, Adapt,’ the trailer shows a sniper’s carefully planned execution of an enemy officer at a heavily guarded location. Stealthily taking out the first guard, the sniper creeps behind cover, avoiding detection and eschewing direct confrontation. By distracting a patrolling guard, he gains entry to the compound and sets down an anti-tank mine for any reinforcements that might try to intervene before planning his next move. Another stealth kill grants him access to an elevated watchtower where the sound of his rifle will be drowned out by overhead planes. Finally, a well-placed bullet finds its mark; a grenade strapped to the chest of one of the target’s nearby guard. “Piece of Cake.”

Boasting incredibly accurate ballistic physics, tense stealth sequences, free-form gameplay and top-quality visuals including graphic X-ray views of realistic bullet damage, Sniper Elite III aims to deliver a deep tactical long-range shooter with tons of replay value. Sniper Elite III is available today in Europe, but American audiences will have to wait until July 1 for the game, which appears on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.