Here are four glorious minutes of Sniper Elite 3 gameplay that showcase the game's stealth mechanics and ballistics.

This video acts as a primer for the action in Sniper Elite 3, which tasks the player with facing off against the might of Germany's Afrika Korps. Thankfully, you're a badass sniper who can blend in with the environment and use its many features to your advantage. Exploration is key in Sniper Elite 3, since the world around you can be a tool used to hide your whereabouts and sneak up on the enemy.

You'll take advantage of blind spots in patrols, ridge lines that hide your position and choke points that can allow you to take out many enemies in a short amount of time. Setting traps and sabotaging Axis equipment to mask the sound of your shots make for a more accurate stealth approach as well. The most beautiful part is that how you tackle the challenges set in front of you is up to you.

The most impressive feature of Sniper Elite 3 is how it handles ballistics. You'll have to account for wind, the Coriolis Effect, your heartbeat and distance when making long-range shots. This should prove challenging for most fans of shooters, but seeing the Kill Cams should be more than satisfying for them.

Watch the trailer above to see even more Sniper Elite 3 action and look out for the game on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on July 1.