Rebellion has announced that Sniper Elite 3 has received two new pieces of downloadable content on its PC version with this DLC coming to the console versions of the game later this month.

Just in time for school, Rebellion has added the Outpost Canyon multiplayer map for free to Sniper Elite 3 players. This map pits snipers in a battle across the windswept Atlas Mountains. You will battle across a deserted, train-based supply line. Though the Germans have abandoned this facility, there are still plenty of perfect sniper positions for you to occupy.

Rebellion has also released the Axis Weapons pack. For just $3.99, you can get special firearms from the German, Imperial Japanese and Royal Italian armies. These weapons can be used in multiplayer, single-player and co-operative modes of Sniper Elite 3. The Axis Weapons pack includes the Japanese Type 99 rifle, the Italian MAB 38 submachine gun and the German, Ruger-like Army Pistol 38.