How much would you pay for a complete set of every Super Nintendo game ever released? Well, thanks to an intrepid Redditor out there, the market now has a price point for such a collection. Right now on eBay, there is a collection of all 721 SNES games ever released in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. But you need a cool 25 grand to drop in order to get them all. That's a spicy meat-a-ball!

The seller, who has the handle "Byuu" on Reddit, says that all the games in the collection have their original box and that most of them also come with the manuals. This is nuts. For a private collector to assemble all of these games in one place and still have them all more or less intact and working properly. Well, that's quite a feat.

Here's what user Byuu had to say about the whole thing on Reddit:

This set represents three years of effort. From scouring every used game store in my home state, to bartering purchases from dozens of vendors online, to enlisting the help of everyone willing to search around their areas to find things for me, to donations of items that are impossible to find for sale anywhere, to hundreds upon hundreds of hours cleaning and polishing everything. I've never seen a set this complete before, and it's unlikely another one will ever surface.

Are you interested, dear Arcade Sushi reader? Have a cool 25 grand you've been wanting to drop on old games? Well, maybe you're only prepared to spend 20 grand on something like this. According to Byuu, the price is negotiable. Offers outside of eBay will also be considered. Just be sure to mention this site!

If you want to investigate this further, check out the eBay listing here. You can also find the Reddit thread by licking on this.