What if Downton Abbey was made available for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System? A trailer from Bill Kiley from Left Coast Digital offers fans a look at all the possible challenges available in this prim and proper universe.

After being welcomed into the estate by head butler Charles Carson, you must find ten lost cigars from the Earl of Grantham, the head of Downton Abbey. Other activities include trying to sneak into the kitchen and figuring out if Matthew Crawley is being poisoned by bossy head cook Beryl Patmore.

If you simply want to fluff a few pillows, that's housemaid Anna Bates' job. If you fluff five pillows in 20 seconds, she reads a letter from her imprisoned husband. Don't think we've ignored Maggie Smith, as a wood shed meeting with Violet regarding her hidden jewels is also in the offing.

Downton Chippy, Kiley's version of the Downton Abbey score, is available to download on Bandcamp. For die-hard fans of the series, Downton Abbey Season 3 hits DVD and Blu-ray on January 29th.