There once was a man from South Denver, who made a urinal out of SNES cartridges for reasons he can't remember. Some time it has passed, and now the creator's looked back, and regretted this thing from his past. Now it's for sale, and for five Benny Franks, you could have it shipped to you in the mail.

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Super Nintendo history just so you could pee on it? Well then you are the one person in the world for whom the SNES urinal would make the perfect Christmas gift. You actually might remember this particular piece of custom lavatory equipment making the rounds a few years ago when it was first manufactured, but now its creator has decided the gauche plastic piss pot needs to find a new home.

The urinal has been posted to Craigslist, where the description may be brief, but the agonizing memory of paying $499 for an upright toilet, that may not even actually be functional, will last forever. I'm sure the contractor who puts it in your bathroom will have no objections to the possible health code violations either. There are about a million better ways to spend your money, just like there was a million better ways for the guy who made this to spend his weekends. At least it exists for us to make fun of, so it's got that going for it.