Everyone's favorite race of strange blue things this side of the Na'vi are marching their way back into the App Store. That's right, it's the Smurfs! Capcom's mobile division Beeline Interactive is set to bring back The Smurfs to follow up on the success of Smurfs Village. So what does that mean exactly?

It means that we will soon be treated to Smurf Life, where you get to step into the shoes (or boots or whatever it is those little guys wear), of your very own Smurf and help free your fellow Smurfs from Gargamel's evil spell. This will involve gathering items and tools in order to learn how to perform certain tasks and skills that will help in the fight against the nefarious wizard.

We love that Gargamel is in the game. Really though, you couldn't have a Smurfs game without Gargamel. In fact, you couldn't even have Smurfs to begin with. Because when you think about it, the story of The Smurfs is really just about a crazy old man hallucinating in the woods. Think about it... all those mushrooms lying around.

Smurf Life will be available on your favorite iOS device sometime later this year. We will keep an eye on the App Store for you.