When we heard about The Ghostbusters heading back to iOS, we were understandably excited. Now that we are in this brave new year of 2013, it looks like we won't have to wait that much longer. According to Ghostbustersnews.com, the game is set for release later this month, on January 24th. Sweet!

That is, unless you live in Canada. If that's the case, then you already know how great the game is, seeing as how you lucky Canuckleheads probably have a copy on your iOS device of choice. This is because Beeline Interactive, the social mobile division for Capcom, has released the game up north, much to the chagrin of us down here in the states. Better healthcare AND the Ghostbusters? Not fair.

We reached out to our Arcade Sushi dispatch outposts up in Canada and they informed us that the game is set up with a freemium model. A big part of this is likely due to the success that Beeline has had with Smurfs' Village. In terms of gameplay, Ghostbusters has two main elements to it -- managing and real-time strategy combat.

When at the firehouse HQ, you will be able to manage your Ghostbustin' business, upgrading gear and recruiting new team members. Out in the field, you will bust ghosts in a simple RTS style of gameplay, with each team member fulfilling a specific role (trapping, wrangling, etc.).

If you want to know more, check out this extended footage of the game in action: