Earlier this January, Capcom's mobile games division Beeline Interactive launched their free-to-play Ghostbusters title on the Canadian App Store. Fast forward a couple of weeks and now it's time for the rest of us to get to busting some ghosts -- the free-to-play title is now available worldwide!

If you haven't heard anything about this title yet, the gameplay in Ghostbusters will be separated into two camps. The first will be a management-style game where you are tasked with setting up and running your own Ghostbusters HQ. You will get to pick new team members, upgrade weapons, and retrofit your firehouse for maximum ghost busting capabilities.

The second is the actual business of getting down and slimy out in the field. You will have to lead your team into the fray and fighting the numerous paranormal threats to be found in New York City.

Who ya gonna call? The App Store! Download Ghostbusters right now for your iPhone or iPad.