Atlus is gearing up a long list of free downloadable content for the game with an already long enough name, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker.

Atlus has been taking a close look at its upcoming game, SMT: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, and figured that maybe some of its sequences might be a little bit too challenging. Because of this, it has decided to release some free DLC offerings to its players to help them get accustomed to Record Breaker.

To start out with, there are two permanently free pieces of DLC. There is the 'Beginner's Brawl' and the 'Lost Demon Rescue'. 'Beginner's Brawl' will take the player through a free battle that won't scale with your characters level, so it won't be as hard as some of the other pieces of DLC. Make sure you're paying attention, though, because these enemies will still hit you hard if you're not paying attention. You will earn Macca (the game's demonic currency) for defeating them that you can use at the Demon Auction for more buddies. 'Lost Demon Rescue' will earn you a demon for your party, as long as you can keep it alive through a slew of attacks.

There are four DLC battle events that will run you $0.99 a pop and be incrementally harder depending on your character's level (as was 'Lost Demon Rescue'. The first one is 'Macca Makes an Escape' where you'll have to chase down some demons that are running away with your precious Macca. Beware: if you catch them, they won't go down easily. Next up is 'All Skills Must Go!' where you will be tasked with collecting memory sticks that are strewn across the battlefield. Be careful, because the demons are just as interested in them as you are and will fight you for these powerful skills. Then there's 'Let the Demons Grow,' where you will have to show your best moves in a free-for-all battle that will earn you EXP rewards that will level your entire party. Finally there's 'Addonetarium', a battle for only the most skilled of players and characters.

If you're looking forward to these pieces of DLC  you can expect them out as follows: on May 5, 'Beginner's Brawl and 'Macca Makes an Escape' will launch; then comes 'All Skills Must Go!', 'Lost Demon Rescue' and Let the Demons Grow on May 12; and finally on May 19, 'Addonetarium' will be released. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker itself will launch on the Nintendo 3DS on May 5.