Sleeping Dogs is tearing up the streets with a new piece of downloadable content that arms Wei Shen with some sweet rides that can gun down his enemies, James Bond-style.

The Wheels of Fury DLC gives players access to a supercar developed by Dr. Tang called the DZS-90, which packs all kinds of firepower in its sexy frame.

You can rock the 18k gang with twin concealed roof-mounted machine guns, four-wheel steering, an electronic magnetic pulse (EMP), and it also looks pretty damn cool too. If you're going to fight the enemy with a beefed up supercar, you might as well do it in style, right?

The DZS-90 is capable of receiving tasty upgrades as well, letting you give it enough armor to soak up the damage that enemies will attempt to dish out. The only additional thing we'd want to see is for the car to be voiced by William Daniels, but we're sure that legal complications would probably arise.

The Wheels of Fury DLC packs in five new story missions and is available now for 320 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 and $3.99 on PlayStation 3 and PC.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know if you're going to tear up the streets in the DZS-90.