We loved the criminal aspects of Sleeping Dogs. Now, we get to build up our own underground criminal empire in Hong Kong in Triad Wars.

United Front Games returns to the open-ended action of Hong Kong's criminal underworld in Triad Wars, its action-strategy hybrid spin-off of Sleeping Dogs. Sleeping Dogs had you in the shoes of an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the harshest crime syndicates of China. Wei Shen tried to balance his dedication to his work and his childhood friend (Jackie Ma, who introduced Wei to the Water Street Gang). In Triad Wars, there is no kind of ethical dispute between loyalty to the badge or to your friends -- there is only the business.

Triad Wars features the same open world style of gameplay that Sleeping Dogs has, focusing on racing, open world exploration and combat. Only this time, you get to be the kingpin and build your own empire through extortion, fighting, looting, hacking and money laundering. You also compete with rival crime bosses controlled by other players online.

Triad Wars will launch in 2015 for PC, but you can sign up for its beta now at its official website.