Square-Enix has recently announced the release date for the upcoming Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake DLC Pack, and its coming sooner than you’d think.

IGN reports that the Year of the Snake will be available on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 on March 12th, next week. The bundle will cost 560 Microsoft Points or £4.39 according to the IGN story. An total in U.S. dollars was not given, however 560 MS points would amount to a seven dollar DLC on other platforms if the cost remains constant.

Year of the Snake is set after the events of the main game and follows Wei Shen after he retakes a position at the Hong Kong Police Department. The story centers around an apocalyptic cult that is looking to “cleanse” the city of its evils, which likely means they are killing everyone and using religion as an excuse. The DLC will be “order” themes and will focus more on doing things by the book, rather than by Shens whims and desires. You will be tasked, at times, with arresting people and apprehending them without serious harm, like a responsible policeman. Your days of vigilante justice are over.

Luckily, you will have a variety of new non-lethal weapons to take advantage of. Year of the Snake will introduce tear gas guns, electroshock pistols, and plenty of other crowd control weaponry to foll around with. The DLC pack will come with a variety of new police themed outfits as well.

Year of the Snake is the last DLC pack currently announced for Sleeping Dogs. The game was originally pegged to have DLC packs released for six months after the game’s release, and that time-period is now up. Though it is not confirmed that Year of the Snake will be the last ever Sleeping Dogs DLC pack produced, we aren’t expecting an announcement for a new one any time soon.