In 2012, Square Enix and developer United Front Games brought Sleeping Dogs, the spiritual successor to the True Crime series, to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PCs. The game was well received, garnering largely favorable reviews, but failed to meet Square Enix’s sales projections. Despite the game’s retail shortfall, it appears that Square Enix is bringing the game into the next generation with Sleeping Dogs HD.

CVG is reporting that online retailer listed Sleeping Dogs HD for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last week before pulling down the listings. According to the listing, the games are set for a Nov. 21 release date. CVG states that a Square Enix spokesperson declined to comment when asked about the apparently unintentional listings.

United Front’s next project, Triad Wars, will be set in the Sleeping Dogs universe, and will be on newer consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One. With this sequel on the way, releasing the original game on the new boxes at the same time makes sense, and will allow Xbox One and PS4 owners to experience the entirety of the young franchise on one console, and in full 1080p. It also allows Square Enix to release a “new” game without going through an entirely new development process, and to pad the sales numbers of a game that sold slightly fewer copies than expected.