The new and improved Dragonborn is almost here and this newest update available on Steam is ready to add some goodies and FUS-RO-DAH some bugs out of Tamriel.

The newest features to the 1.9 beta update, should you choose to accept it, are the Legendary difficulty level and the ability to classify abilities maxed out at 100 as Legendary. This allows them to reset to 15 and be useful when leveling. The developers have essentially removed the level cap to the game in order to make the new difficulty level more accessible.

There are a host of other bug fixes which you can check out on Bethesda's Blog. Our personal favorite was:

  • Fixed rare instance of couriers who would appear only dressed in a hat
Oh those quirky bugs of Skyrim were always good for a laugh and we're sad to see them go. We're going to miss seeing old ladies clip through mountains and NPC's getting stuck in doors.

If you choose to update, be sure to back up your saved filed before updating just in case they're overwritten and you are literally Dragonborn once again.