Be ready to unravel some repressed, psychopathic memories as this retelling of the original Silent Hill and its prequel brings hell to PlayStation Vita.

Konami has announced that Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are both heading to the PS Vita on the PlayStation Network. These titles were originally released on the Sony PSP and PlayStation 2 (with Shattered Memories also appearing on the Nintendo Wii), so we're glad to see two of the lesser-known entries in the Silent Hill franchise brought to the PS Vita.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was a re-imagining of the original Sony PlayStation classic in order to segue for the theatrical release of 'Silent Hill.' The strangest change that Shattered Memories made from the main series was the removal of Silent Hill's limited combat system. So while the fighting in the original Silent Hill forced you to adhere to melee attacks and saving the few bullets that you found along the way (dear survival horror, please bring this concept back), combat was completely removed from the game. Nevertheless, there are plenty of monsters for you to frantically avoid and be creeped out by in Shattered Memories.

Silent Hill: Origins acts a prequel to the entire series. You play as a trucker who stumbles into the eerie town by accident and saves a certain little girl from a fire. After going to the hospital to check up on the girl he saved, the trucker finds that there is something quite wrong in this small town. Fans of the series, or even of the first three titles, should recognize where this story is going...

Unfortunately, no release date has been announced for either title, but Konami mentioned that the cost for downloading each each title is £7.99/€9.95, which roughly translates to $13.74.