There are creepy games then there are downright terrifying games which helped us create this list of the Scariest Moments in Console Gaming. Video games have the ability to suck you into a character much more than a movie and this allows for some truly hair raising experiences. Horror movies may give you an adrenaline rush, but it is a great horror game that keeps you up at night clinging to a blanket. Over the years there have some brilliant jump scares and terrifying moments in video games. Our list of the Scariest Moments in Console Gaming will make you soil your trousers and make the biggest man squeal like a pig.

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    Introduction of Pyramid Head

    Silent Hill 2

    No list of the Scariest Moments in Console Gaming would be complete without a Silent Hill game. Silent Hill 2 is still considered the best in the series and with good reason. It featured the introduction of Silent Hill’s most memorable characters, Pyramid Head. Of all the denizens of this nightmarish town, he is the most horrifying. That cantilevered polygon where a head should be is unnervingly creepy and the first time you lay eyes on the horror with a huge sword, you’ll jump right out of your skin. Or he’ll just tear your skin off himself. Your choice.

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    Welcome to Rapture


    The original Bioshock has become somewhat of a classic. The city of Rapture is one of the creepiest and most unpleasantly beautiful places you’ll explore. While the world is full of jump scares, one of the most terrifying moments you’ll experience is right in the beginning. Most people think of the journey down to rapture as beautiful, but once the bathysphere docks, you’re an unwilling participant in terror. You helplessly watch a splicer eviscerate someone, then try to slice its way into the room with you in it. There’s screaming, creaking metal, and sparks. Well, the screaming might be your own.

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    Ghost Over The Shoulder

    Fatal Frame 2

    The Fatal Frame series are sort of forgotten, but beloved, titles in the horror video game world. They’re notorious for scaring the everloving crap out of anyone who plays. Armed with a camera and some film that captures the souls of the damned, you have to wander your way through a haunted house and try your best to stay alive. But the most unnerving moment in Fatal Frame 2 is when you find yourself looking at something innocuous and turn to find a spectral horror over your shoulder. Like, right now. Don’t look! Its behind you right now! Just keep reading our list and maybe it’ll go away.

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    Mannequin Room

    Condemned: Criminal Origins

    Condemned: Criminal Origins is a creepy and unique game that anyone with an Xbox 360 should play. That said, the mannequin room is by far the most jump worthy part of the title. You start wondering if you’re going crazy yourself as these faceless dolls encroach upon your personal space. They’re like the Weeping Angels from 'Doctor Who' but even more unnerving. The moment when the lights turn off and you end up face-to-face with them and encircled by their bodies, it is enough to make you have a nervous breakdown the next time you’re in a department store.

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    Meet Alma


    Oh Alma, no one else could have conditioned so many gamers to pee their pants at the sight of a child. The FEAR series has left a bit of its horror roots in the past, but the original introduction of that terrifying little girl is a scare that you’ll never forget. Most games like to introduce the big scares with set pieces and cinematics. Not FEAR. You’re simply climbing down a ladder in some nondescript building when that Damien looking kid scares you enough to fling your controller across the room. It is terrifying because it is completely unexpected. Alma, that little scamp, makes it on to our list.

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    Damn Dogs

    Resident Evil

    The original Resident Evil is a classic of the genre and will go down in history as the genesis of zombie games. But, you would think that the introduction of said zombies would constitute a place on our list. Well, you’d be wrong. While creepy, it isn’t quite a jump that makes you spill your drink. For that, you have to look for something involving some canines. The dogs leaping through the window in Resident Evil. It is so unexpected because you've already been down that hallway, and so terrifying that you freeze up and have no idea what to do except soil your undies.

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    The Witch

    Left 4 Dead

    Nothing can inspire sheer terror like a noise. The Witch in Left 4 Dead is one of the most upsetting noises you can come across. It makes you swear to yourself as soon as you hear it, but what truly scars you for life is when she leaps through the air, knocks you to the ground, and starts slashing at your face. The speed of The Witch and the horror she inspires in every gamer easily lands her a spot on our list.

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    First Necromorph

    Dead Space

    Dead Space may have gotten a bit more action heavy as the series progressed, but fans of the series will always remember the first time they encountered a necromorph. Not only is the creature terrifying, but everything that modern shooters have taught you, like shoot for the head, doesn’t seem to do any damage! He just keeps coming while you pump clip after clip into him. Only once you realize that you have to shoot for the limbs that the necromorphs become a bit easier to handle. At least Dead Space is kind enough to give you a startling musical cue to jar you even more.

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    Bathroom Body

    Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness is one of the most unsettling games you’ll ever play. It breaks down the fourth wall so hard that you’re not even sure about your own sanity anymore. It is a game that willingly messes with you and does it with glee. One such moment is when you have a look in a seemly innocuous bathtub. Instead of finding a clue, you’re treated to a flash of gore that is enough to startle stone. It has made many a game scream out loud and go running for the reset button. Considering that this game messes with your own sanity, we’re sure a number of you will be looking twice before taking a bath.

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    First Big Daddy Fight


    Surprised to find a Big Daddy fight at the top of our list? You shouldn’t, because it is one of the most wholley harrowing and breathlessly terrifying things you’ll experience in gaming. BioShock slowly sets you up for terror by showing you just what a Big Daddy can do. You’ve seen him drill a splicer to pieces and you’ve seen them lumbering around the levels. What makes this the most horrifying is that it is a fight that you initiate. It is your choice to willingly participate in this battle to the death. Armed with very little ammo and weapons, this first fight will leave you breathlessly terrified. If you're not well prepared, you’ll find yourself pummeled into a pulp. Each time he winds up with that drill and sprints towards you, your eyes widen with fear. You would run through all of your ammo and, desperate to survive, resorted to pounding the Big Daddy to death with the wrench. You only live with a minuscule amount of health left, but you feel like you’ve earned your stripes as a gamer. For making you feel helpless while pounding away at a mountain with a wrench, the first Big Daddy Fight earns our spot at the top of the list of the Scariest Moments in Console Gaming.

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