For all the World of Warcraft fans out there not satisfied with Blizzard's recent Overwatch figure release, there's good news in the form of a new Deathwing Statue.

Sideshow Collectibles has come forth with a production peek for the new Deathwing Statue it's creating. This statue features Deathwing the Destroyer grasping onto a tower with one of his arms outstretched, roaring to his nearby enemies. The peek doesn't show the full statue and there's no description of it on the website, but there's a pretty detailed first glimpse on the trailer's still picture. Deathwing the Destroyer who reappears in World of Warcraft's third expansion, Cataclysm. He has been waiting in the shadows healing himself in order to come back to power, tearing through Azeroth and causing a cataclysm while doing so.

While both Deathwing and the specifications of this statue are cloaked in mystery, fans won't have to wait two years for more details on this Sideshow Collectible's creation. You will be able to pre-order this fiery statue beginning on Dec. 4.