Shovel Knight is officially the first indie game to have its own amiibo and offer amiibo support for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo has confirmed that the previously leaked Shovel Knight amiibo is launching this September for $14.99 and will also be packaged with the game's upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS retail releases (due out in October). Scanning the Shovel Knight amiibo will let you play the Wii U version of Shovel Knight with a friend (TWO-PLAYER GAMEPLAY IS LOCKED BY AN AMIIBO?). Nintendo claims that the amiibo figure will be compatible in future Shovel Knight games, which makes us think there's a sequel on the way.

“Not only do we have a robust slate of indie games launching in the Nintendo eShop, but these games also contain features that can only be found on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS,” said Damon Baker, Nintendo of America’s Senior Marketing Manager of Publisher and Developer Relations. “Creating an amiibo that’s compatible with all current and future Shovel Knight games shows that our strong relationship with independent developers is constantly evolving.”

“It’s been a great honor to work directly with Nintendo, creating a Shovel Knight amiibo that sits beside their most beloved characters,” said Yacht Club Games. “We are elated to expand the world of Shovel Knight, and to keep developing unique game-play experiences on Nintendo’s platforms.”

Original Story:

An awesome-looking Shovel Knightamiibo popped up on a pair of retail websites as Yacht Club Games released a trailer for the game's new expansion.

Polygon reports that Shovel Knight is getting the amiibo treatment, as this spiffy/badass figure popped up on a pair of overseas retail websites. Both U.K. retailer GAME and German retailer 4U2Play's websites had listings for this amiibo figure, due for a fall launch, and both have been removed a short time later. While Nintendo has released third-party figures in amiibo form (such as Sonic and Mega Man), they were characters from Super Smash Bros. This marks one of the first amiibo figures spawning from a third-party game.

Adding third-party characters to the amiibo line could open a gateway of possibilities for Nintendo, all leading to lots of money. Hopefully, this path won't lead to more frustrations for those trying to collect every amiibo figure out there. We'd love to see a line of amiibo for Star Fox Zero.

In related news, Yacht Club Games released a new trailer for Plague of Shadows, their upcoming free expansion for Shovel Knight. Surprisingly, this expansion does not star the game's title character. While Yacht Club Games has yet to announce a release date for the expansion (similar to the physical retail versions of the game on the way), the studio claims the expansion is coming soon. Yacht Club is also promising a big reveal at Nintendo's Nindies event taking place at PAX Prime this weekend.

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