Successful Kickstarter project Shadowrun Returns finally has an official release date. Harebrained Schemes has announced that the game will be releasing to the public sometime this June. Unfortunately, an exact date could not be given.

The remake/retake on the old top down isometric Shadowrun RPGS will release with full Steam Workshop support and an in-game editor. If Steam isn’t your platform of choice, a fully independent DRM free version will be available for download off the Harebrained Schemes website. Unfortunately, the DRM free version will not have access to user generated content made through the Steam Workshop. Upcoming iOS and Android versions of the game will similarly be limited.

Shortly after launch, Harebrained Schemes has planned to release the first of many upcoming expansion downloadable content packs. This includes a full Berlin Campaign, brand new map packs, and more Shadowrun stories. New outfits and portraits will be available for purchase as well. The Berlin Campaign will be free to all backers of the Kickstarter. A Linux version is also planned for release sometime after the initial launch as are German, French, and Italian translations.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, don’t worry! According to Eurogamer, Steam pre-orders will be opening on April 29th.