Last week, thanks to watchful monitoring courtesy of the members of the website The Sonic Stadium, we reported on the story that SEGA was at work on an unannounced title called Sonic Dash. Following that news, we have official word from SEGA today, via a press release, that their new Sonic game will indeed be an endless-runner titled called Sonic Dash. And all is right with the gaming world.

According to the press release, Sonic Dash has created by Sonic Jump developer Hardlight. Beyond that, SEGA did not release many other details about the game, other than the fact that it will be an endless-runner, a genre that seems to be tailor made for its signature hedgehog hero.

As of now, the only piece of information we have to go on as far as a release date is concerned is that it will be available "soon." We suspect that SEGA did not issue this press release because the game is ready to go, but rather because the news was broke last week. Hopefully this doesn't mean that Hardlight will be pushed to rush the rest of the game through development.

We will keep you updated as we get more info.