Sega released Sonic Jump last October and it was a fine enough game. We liked it alright, but it definitely didn't knock our socks off. And like a lot of other gamers out there, we couldn't help but wonder why Sonic, a video game character that is famous for running fast, did no running at all in Sonic Jump. Well if rumors are true, it appears that the endless running genre of mobile gaming night be getting its most noteworthy entrant sometime soon.

Thanks to the watchful eye of the guys over at Kotaku, it appears that SEGA posted a job listing for their UK studio Hardlight, mentioning a game called Sonic Dash. We are gonna go out on a limb here and guess it's not a Cooking Mama type game and Sonic won't be adding a dash of spice to any dishes. Dude's gonna be running! Sega has gone on record as admitting that Sonic Dash exists, but they have offered no specific information as to what kind of game it will be:

At this time, Sega is able to confirm that we are working on a new mobile game titled Sonic Dash. We have not announced any specific details on the product but we will be releasing additional information on this exciting, new game in the near future.

So now we will just have to play the waiting game and see what happens. If it's done right, Sonic Dash could be freaking awesome. The little blue guy was made for this kind of genre and if Sega takes the time to make it the fastest endless runner game on the market, gamers will lap it right up.