Scorpion is nearing the end of his journey as he puts a win against Sagat under his belt. He just needs one more victory to make it into the Cosplay Hall of Fame, but can he put down Kung Lao in order to get it?

RivetBound's Scorpion has proven himself to be a powerhouse, taking down foes left and right. His final fight is against a Mortal Kombat mainstay, so does he have what it takes to remain victorious?

LeonChiroCosplayArt's Kung Lao has deadly skills and an even deadlier hat. Will he tip it to Scorpion while he's on the ground? Your votes will decide the outcome!

It’s up to you to decide who will win this Cosplay Clash between these kolossal kombatants! Voting closes on Sept. 17 at 10AM PST.

Rules of Cosplay Clash:

Fans can vote once per hour for their favorite cosplayer. If a cosplayer remains the reigning champ for four straight matches, they are retired to the Arcade Sushi Cosplay Hall of Fame. With so many great cosplayers out there, we have to give other cosplayers a chance.

Eric Ro
John Spartan Nguyen
Renaud Mentrel
Luigi Tranchina