Saints Row 4 has offered up a Commander in Chief Edition for gamers who pre-order the title in North America.

Early birds will receive a form fitting Uncle Sam uniform which shows off your hero's musculature. The Screaming Eagle jet fires rockets from its talons and like X-Men member Banshee can launch a sonic scream attack. Last but definitely not least is the 'Merica weapon which has flamethrowers and rocket launchers amidst its arsenal.

The intriguing upgrades should come as no surprise to gamers who have followed Volition's development of Saints Row 4. Any team that considers Stephen Colbert and Meryl Streep to voice their game is obviously trying to think outside the box.

The Commander in Chief edition will cost console owners $59.99, and the PC version is priced at $49.99. Saints Row 4 hits North and Latin America on August 20th, with a worldwide release on August 23rd.