We knew that Volition, the developers behind Saints Row 4, were a bit out of their minds, but we had no clue just how far the madness went, Until now.

Volition creative director Steve Jaros talked to IGN about some of the absurd concepts that didn't quite make the cut into Saints Row 4.

Evidently, at one point there was a gun that shot angry monkeys with hammers and Stephen Colbert was president. After a bit of deliberation, the team decided to axe Colbert and instead make you the President. It seemed like the logical thing to do.

“Saints Row 4 had a dragon." Jaros said. But sadly, the mythical creature had to get cut because it was just a bit too ridiculous. Right, and a dubstep gun isn't?

The team at Volition was aiming high when they were thinking about voice talent. They tried working out a deal for Stephen Colbert, but they were also thinking of approaching Meryl Streep. That's right, Oscar Award-Winning Meryl Streep in a game where you can beat someone to death with a giant purple.. you know.

Don't worry, come August, we're sure Saints Row 4 will fulfill your yearly quota of absurdity when it drops on Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

Would you have wanted Stephen Colbert as our Commander in Chief? Let us know in the comments!