A Guild Wars 2 advertisement promoting the MMO's Super Adventure Box content inspired the new game Rytlock's Critter Rampage.

The 16-bit side-scroller, which took three weeks to finish, is free to play on the Guild Wars 2 website. "Originally, we just wanted to build out a couple sprites to fake the game in After Effects, but one of the cinematic artists on my team (Delly Sartika) has long harbored an interest in building his own retro platformer, so he volunteered to build out a playable version of our totally fake game," said ArenaNet Cinematics head Matthew Oswald.

The commercial is not just a homage to 16-bit titles but also gives a nod to the VHS era. As for the game, 10 treasures as well as four special endings are featured. Don't expect an easy adventure, however, as Oswald advises players to try the game on easy mode and to save often.

Here's the ad below, and feel free to give us your thoughts on Rytlock's Critter Rampage.