Guild Wars 2 has been given another update today, changing some of the features of its Player vs. Player content.

A post on the Guild Wars 2 site talks about a patch that goes live today and will replace Paid Tournaments with Free Tournaments, cutting out the need to buy tickets in order to participate in player vs. player action.

The new system will match players based on skill, so the, "barrier-to-entry of Paid Tournaments is no longer necessary." New 1-round and 3-round Free Tournaments will be instituted, letting players brawl against others with similar skills.

Tournament Tickets that were previously purchased and unused can be turned in for Gold, Silver, or Copper Tournament Reward Chests. All you have to do is go up to a new Ticket Merchant NPC, who can be found in the Heart of the Mists, near the Tournament Master.

Players will also receive new rewards for participating in these free tourneys, a like Match Win Chest for teams that come out victorious in 1-round Free events. Unfortunately, losing teams get bupkis.

Qualifying Points are being removed from the rewards, but will be still be used for yet-to-be-announced prizes.

Let us know if you're going to tourney it up in the game, now that the price of admission has been axed!