Guild Wars 2 just released a brand new update that continues the Flame & Frost storyline, but now they've teased some more upcoming content, just a week after The Gathering Storm.

The Guild Wars 2 site was updated today with a teaser for something called The Razing, which is set to drop on March 26th, 2013. This will make it just shy of a month since the release of The Gathering Storm content patch.

The Razing, according to the little teaser for the third episode of the four-part Flame & Frost series, is supposed to feature a hybrid army that comes through the flaming portals located in the Shiverpeaks mountains. The dredge and the charr Flame Legion have combined forces to destroy everything in their path, setting everything in their wake ablaze.

Players will meet a norn named Braham and a charr named Rox who will heroically defend their lands from the Molten Alliance, preparing for the fourth and final episode of the Flame & Frost series.

Are you looking forward to a content update that will drop only one month after the previous one? Let us know in the comments section!