Today, Eidos-Montreal played a cruel April Fools joke on all of us, teasing their new game “Deus Ex Human Defiance” which we had previously seen trademarks filed for. The fake game was essentially an eight bit Deus Ex and it looked awesome, but we aren’t here to report on the joke. We are here to report on what caused the joke.

According to the Eidos Montreal Twitter, they decided to play the April Fools joke as a result of not using the “Human Defiance” trademark. “When it was decided "Human Defiance" wouldn't be used we took the opportunity to have a little fun,” the tweet said.

Domain names filed by CBS films have lead many to believe that “Human Defiance” is the name of the upcoming Deus Ex film. Since Eidos-Montreal won’t be “using” Human Defiance anymore, this is looking as though it is not the case. Is Human Defiance just an abandoned IP? We will bring you more information when it becomes available.