Eidos Montreal is looking to step up your gaming experience with its new game engine, Dawn Engine, but it's also looking for people like you to help make it come to life.

Dawn Engine is Eidos Montreal's current, and biggest, project and it just announced it on its website. So what is Dawn Engine? It's a gaming engine that is, "based on a heavily modified version of IO Interactive’s Glacier™ 2 engine, features new technology that allows for improved rendering capabilities, real-time physics, and advanced artificial intelligence programming, among other things." If that didn't sound impressive enough, you can check out the picture above to see what it can really do.

The reason that Eidos was so intent on creating a brand new gaming engine is simply to cater to its players. "The technology behind any game is a key component in ensuring that gamers are able to develop both an emotional and visceral connetion to what they are experiencing within the game world," said Eidos-Montreal's Studio Head, David Anfossi. "We've worked tirelessly over the last few years developing this engine, building upon and improving both the visual and immersive artistry in our games."

If you're just as excited about Dawn Engine as Eidos Montreal is, you can expect to play on it with Eidos' current project, Deus Ex Universe. Whenever it arrives, that is.

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