It's time for your daily Angry Birds Star Wars update! This is the big one, everyone.

As you know by now, the two biggest franchises in movies and mobile gaming have teamed up to make a new version of Angry Birds. We here at Arcade Sushi have been bringing you daily updates on new teaser trailers, screenshots, and fan art for the past couple of weeks.

Recently, we posted the first footage of the game play. And today we have the official trailer!

As we've seen in a couple of the clips already released, the trailer shows off some of the all new abilities and features of the game, clearly showing that this will be an entirely new version of Angry Birds. There's a few elements in this trailer that we haven't seen yet as well, including the Luke Bird reflecting laser blasts with his Lightsaber and a force push from the Obi Wan Bird!

So cue the cantina song and get ready to hit "download", because the game is almost here. We only have three days to go until November 8th and we can't wait. Be sure to keep checking back for more info and a review of the game.

Check out the official trailer below: