It's time for your daily Angry Birds Star Wars update and today is a big one. Rovio has released a new teaser that features a cool cartoon with Luke and Leia, along with some footage of the game play!

As you may or may not know, two of the biggest franchises in movies and mobile gaming have teamed up to make a new version of Angry Birds. We here at Arcade Sushi have been bringing you daily updates on new teaser trailers, screenshots, and fan art for the past couple of weeks. But today we get to see some actual footage of the game and boy, does it look cool.

From what we can tell, it looks like this will be way, way more than just Star Wars skinned versions of the bird characters. If Luke swinging his lightsaber and Leia firing a blaster are any indication from the trailer, each character will have special Star Wars themed powers they will be able to use when you slingshot (force push, perhaps?) them into action against the piggy empire.

The trailer shows action from two levels that appear to be Tatooine and Hoth. So it stands to reason that levels that episodes would be broken down into different locations scattered across all of the Star Wars movies.

It also stands to reason that future updates will feature more areas of the Star Wars universe, perhaps going to more obscure locations like Kashyyyk and Endor. We're hoping for a Nar Shaddaa level. How cool would that be?!

Check out the new trailer below: