Originally announced back in 2008, Ride to Hell all but vanished from the radar until earlier this year. Now Xbox 360 achievements for the game have popped up online indicating a possible retail release is coming.

Ride to Hell was a game supposedly steeped in the burgeoning biker culture of the '60s, with plenty of nods to familiar and iconic imagery from the era. Think Easy Rider meets GTA 4: The Lost and The Damned. The game's achievements just sprung up on Xbox360Achievements, which lists 38 cheevos with varying degrees of spoiler-y information.

Back in January, Polygon discovered the game was still in development, though no new information has been made available from publisher Deep Silver to this point. Perhaps the team over there has had their hands full with THQ acquisitions and a new Dead Rising.

Moreover, Joystiq reported the Australian classification board certified Ride to Hell: Retribution for multiple platforms. Again, little has been heard or seen since then, but these new achievements indicate there's a chance Ride to Hell will be formally revealed soon.