The NASCAR license has always been tricky for developers, but now DMi is having a go at the popular sport after taking over from Eutechnyx.

As is stated on its website, DMi has announced that it has overtaken the NASCAR video game name and will continue in the footsteps that Eutechnyx has left. So what does this mean for the NASCAR series that left off with NASCAR '14? There will still be a NASCAR '15 game coming out to update the previous NASCAR '14 with current-season information, but it will not be a DMi production. DMi's hold on the NASCAR series will begin in 2016, although they still have not put out any specifics on what the game will be.

With the NASCAR franchise being so huge, the transfer from Eutechnyx over to DMi has been pretty long and laborious. They just finally closed the deal on Jan. 1 and now they're looking to open the news to the public and NASCAR's loyal fans. Due to the legalities involved, DMi isn't allowed to shed any light on just what's in store, but rest assured, the gaming community could use a dynamic new NASCAR game for sure.