Dragon Fantasy originally came out in 2011 on iOS. Released as a throwback to 8-bit role-playing games, the title from Muteki Corp resonated with fans of classic Nintendo RPG games. But hold the phone, they are already updating the game with a whole new look!

According to a series of posts on the Muteki blog, Dragon Fantasy will get a big update that will give the game a 16-bit face lift. From the blog:

We decided to approach this in the style of a SNES special edition of a previously released NES game. We wanted to take the art we had, and just bring it forward a generation and make it shine better – after reaching what we feel was the best of what “8-bit” could be, we decided to bring this to what we’re calling “8-bit as we remember it” instead of “8-bit as it was” – just mouse over the images below to see the difference. For those on touch devices, tapping the images should show the “after” images – there’s also a full gallery below.

For a better idea of the updating and re-skinning that Muteki Corp. has been up to, here's a comparison of two shots of the same area in Dragon Fantasy:

As you can see, the textures and colors in the second image have that rich and distinctive 16-bit softness to them. For more comparisons, check out the third update post on the Muteki blog. As of now, only the PS3 and Vita are confirmed for a release. But since the game was originally out on iOS, we can only assume that this new updated version will eventually find a home there as well.