New reports have surfaced indicating EA and Respawn Entertainment, the studio made up of former Infinity Ward staffers, may be bringing its first game exclusively to Microsoft consoles.

According to sources speaking with Kotaku, Respawn's first game (which may be called Titan) will be available only on the Xbox 720/Durango, with a possible version headed to the Xbox 360 as well. The new IP will also apparently be always-online, and (shocker) have a massive multiplayer component.

Though there are still few concrete details about Respawn's title, these same sources claim the game will take place in a futuristic setting. Players will take control of heavily-armed foot soldiers, who can also make use of larger mechs on the battlefield. There is also some speculation there will be no single-player campaign, but until Respawn's E3 showing or Microsoft's May 21st event, we likely won't know for sure just what to expect.

An exclusive this big would certainly bode well for the next generation Xbox, and could help even the playing field with Sony, who will be getting exclusive content for Bungie's Destiny on the PlayStation 4.

What do you think of big budget games like Respawn's going exclusive? Sight unseen, will this game get you to buy an Xbox 720?