Camoflaj's Kickstarted mobile game Republique arrives this week on iOS. Will it be able to bring AAA sensibilities to the mobile space?

Funded last year, Republique was developed by former Metal Gear Solid and Halo producer Ryan Payton's Camoflaj studio. Payton took some time to talk about the episodic game, the inspirations and how he wants to reach an entirely new audience outside of the standard gaming culture.

"I'm not interested in making games for the same 10 million people who are obsessed with games," Payton told IGN. "Don't get me wrong, I love those gamers, but I'm jealous of Angry Birds. I'm jealous that those guys have touched 200, 300 million people.

"When I was at Microsoft, people used to say 'You have this huge responsibility. Your story is going to be seen by this global audience," and I was thinking 'No. This is only going to be experienced by people in North America and the U.K. English speaking, mostly white guys in their 30s. Meanwhile, 'Avatar' is being watched by a billion people. Candy Crush and Angry Birds the same way."

In the same chat, Payton discussed how inspired he was by the 32-bit era of games. Titles like Parasite Eve, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil helped not only shape the look but the feel of Republique's gameplay, too. Of course, the core of Republique's appeal lies in the Big Brother-style world it takes place in. Stories like 1984 and Brave New World also inspired some of Camoflaj's design ideas.

The first episode of Republique will be available Dec. 19 for $4.99 on iOS. PC and Mac versions are coming some point in 2014. New episodes are slated to arrive every few months.

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