The episodic stealth game Republique is heading to PlayStation 4 next year in one grand, espionage-filled package.

GungHo Entertainment and Camouflaj have announced that Republique is making the jump to PS4 in early 2016 for North America and Europe (courtesy of GameSpot). Camouflaj was founded by Ryan Payton, known for his work producing Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots. Payton and his team put Republique on Kickstarter four years ago and first intended for it to launch on the iOS and Android formats. As things were looking bleak for this mobile game, Camouflaj decided to bring it to PC as well, which helped the project gain enough contributors to fund it.

"Having been so inspired by early PlayStation titles, it's with much joy and a touch of irony that the full Republique experience will arrive on PS4," said Payton. "I can't thank GungHo enough for supporting our efforts to faithfully translate Republique into a true console experience."

GameSpot notes that Republique's first three episodes already debuted on PC and mobile formats, and the final two episodes are still on the way. By the time the game launches on the PlayStation Store, it will feature all five episodes in one joint package. In terms of pricing, Steam has all five episodes for a set total of $25, and we should probably expect a similar cost for its PS4 version.

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