Publisher TopWare Interactive announced that their 17th century set action adventure Raven's Cry is headed for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 24th.

Gamers follow the blood lust mission of Christopher Raven, as he is bent on killing the men who slaughtered his family. Like a popular Johnny Depp franchise we all know, the game takes place in the Caribbean.

The title also offers the choice for players to determine the ruthlessness of Christopher Raven, as certain actions will determine if he's a cold blooded killer or a true seeker of justice. Raven's travels will take him to Havana, Port Royal in Jamaica, and a lost Aztec City.

We're wondering if the success and eventual overexposure of The Pirates of the Caribbean films will impact Raven's Cry success. Still, if the game play is solid, sailing the open seas should be fun, even if you're not hanging with Jack Sparrow.