Today's cosplay is a bit more of a crossplay, featuring Michelle, who goes by Miss Yeru, as the nightmare-inducing Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series!

We were so sure that under that giant helmet was another giant helmet, but we're glad to see Michelle's pretty face instead. Her outfit is pretty spot-on and looks amazing. From the oversized pyramid helmet, down to the spattering of viscera all over her torso, you can see that the devil's definitely in the blood-dripped details. You certainly wouldn't want to see this coming at you in a dark hallway at a convention center.

In case you've never played the Silent Hill games, Pyramid Head is a recurring character who is the embodiment of punishment and wields a giant knife. Fun, right? Those who have seen the horrors that Pyramid Head commits know that he's not a creature of friendship and hugs. But Michelle makes the character her own and even exudes a sort of spunky sass with her outfit.

Michelle is based in Los Angeles and is a designer and cosplayer with a love for the hit multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends. Her passion for video games certainly shines through in her fantastic gore-ridden costume. Couple this with the fact that she has a degree in Cosmetology from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and you've got one very skilled cosplayer.

She actually made a Pyramid Head outfit for her friend Evan to wear at Anime Expo 2011, where they would be cosplaying Silent Hill characters (she had previous worn a Bubble Head Nurse costume). Sadly, Michelle was away and couldn't attend. A year later, she found out at the last minute that she would be able to go to Fanime 2012, but needed a suit. So she slapped her Pyramid Head outfit together, just in time for the con.

"Since I had a week notice, and no free time to make a costume, I called up Evan and asked if I could wear the Pyramid Head mask we made for him. Then I whipped together the long bloody skirt, bra and huge knife in about a day, and Miss Pyramid Head was born!" she said, talking about her awesome last-minute outfit.

If this is what she can do with a day's notice, you should check out the results when she actually has time to work! Head to her Facebook or deviantART to see all of the amazing outfits she's rocked and show some love for a cosplayer extraordinaire!

All photos taken by Fremen Photography.