First came the news of Silent Hills' cancellation, then the voluntary removal of its shares from the New York Stock Exchange (which isn't as bad as it sounds, but still), and now here's another facepalm Konami decision straight from the mouth of a prominent indie developer.

Remember 2007's Dementium: The Ward for DS, the super creepy homage to old survival horror games from Renegade Kid? Turns out that was originally pitched to Konami as Silent Hill DS, if the studio founder Jools Watsham is to be believed. Check out his tweets below:

"Team like us?" What the heck is that supposed to mean? Did Konami consider Renegade Kid too small of a studio to handle Silent Hill? Maybe it's because Konami did so well with the other studios it chose to make its past six Silent Hill games with (sarcasm). Whatever the reason, Konami denied the request, and Renegade Kid went on to make a name for themselves with Dementium and more indie darlings. In hindsight, perhaps it worked out better for the studio that the pitch was denied.

As for Konami, we're not sure what else they can do to angry up the blood of their longtime followers even further after this week. The cancellation of Silent Hills is a big disappointment, especially considering the Playable Teaser is being removed from the PSN. Let's just hope Big Boss can pull Konami out from the fire, again.

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