The atmospheric PC Puzzler QUBE is headed over to the Nintendo Wii U. Toxic Games tweeted the a photo of the title running on the Wii U to show that its eye catching visuals had not lost its luster on a new system.

When asked if they would consider a PlayStation Vita release, Toxic Games gave a cryptic but positive response by simply saying, "Quite possibly." Short for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, the title initially places gamers in an all-white room with sparse instructions. From there players must solve puzzles with a pair of gloves that can interact with blocks that surround each room.

Often compared favorably to the Portal series, QUBE is another solid addiction to the Nintendo Wii U console. It's also encouraging to see the developers get pretty pumped about the upcoming version, especially since enthusiasm is sometimes half the battle.

Have you played QUBE on PC or Mac, and are you enthused about its impending Nintendo Wii U release? Feel free to comment below!