Puppeteer's big reveal was only yesterday, but now some nifty gameplay trailers have appeared online, showing us some of the ways that Kutaro will deal with the evil Moon Bear King's 12 generals.

In the videos, Kutaro is shown acquiring the Knight and Ninja Heads, both of which give him new abilities that will help him in his quest to defeat the Evil Moon Bear King and his 12 generals.

Sure, he's got a pair of magical scissors, but what good is offense without a little defense? Thankfully, the Knight Head grants Kutaro the ability to block damage and reflect various objects. Bringing down the visor on the helmet turns to little wooden puppet boy into an aegis, able to completely block oncoming attacks. You can see him even using it to reflect light back up to a boss in order to daze him.

The Ninja Head allows the use of bombs, turning little Kutaro into a veritable Bomberman. These bombs can be used to trigger objects in the environment to help Kutaro move along further through the stages. He can even place them where enemies might strike, so that they're hit with a face full of bombs instead. Classic!

Watch the videos below and let us know how excited you are for this PlayStation 3 exclusive, set for release on September 10th, 2013!